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Robust forklift technology from the forklift inventory

With more than 100 years' worth of expertise in the industrial truck business, CLARK is one of the world's leading providers of internal logistics solutions.
The CLARK brand is synonymous with modern and robust product designs, forward-looking and well-thought-out technology and excellent customer service.
CLARK's established and tested 'Built To Last' concept is associated with a robust and functional construction method that features high-value components that guarantee reliable operations throughout the forklift's entire service life - This covers everything from a fully-welded and robust frame and the Stable steering axle to the robust lifting frame and solid fork carriage structure.

CLARK electric forklifts, diesel forklifts or LPG forklifts?

The drive technology plays an important role in the decision to purchase and forklift. The drive that is best suited for your unique application should be identified in advance, so that you will be able to attain a high degree of availability and the highest possible level of efficiency. You should therefore carefully balance the pros and cons of the drive technology in question before you actually decide to go for a particular drive technology.

Why choose CLARK

100 years of experience transformed into honest and powerful machines with uncompromising performance and extreme durability.
Long service life and high residual value.
Winner of the Customer Satisfaction Value rating.
Standard warranty of 36 months / 5000 hrs on key front lift components (whichever comes first) to ensure your investment.
Fast service access, self-service with unique Clark Parts Pro ND distribution system.
Clark is different from the current standard, with which you get an advantage.

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